Brain Health Boosting Activities

We work hard to build our physical strength, but how often do we take time to work to improve brain health? When we stop exercising our cerebral matter, our entire being is negatively affected. Brain health and strength is not only important, it’s necessary if we want to live a productive, healthy, satisfying life. Top […]

Stop Damaging Your Brain

Brain Damage

Caring for your brain means you must stop damaging it. This means taking active steps to avoid habits that are not beneficial to your brain and are actually damaging your brain.  There are a lot of actions we take each day that are more destructive to our brains than we realize. Top 4 Habits That […]

Top Childcare Centers Implementing Brain Training Games

Top Childcare Centers Implementing Brain Training Games

Childcare centers play an important role in helping children develop socially, cognitively, and emotionally and top childcare centers are implementing brain training games into their core curriculum to help build solid foundations. Many childcare centers and child development specialists, are beginning to look at various ways to include brain training exercises into their programs. 6 […]