Commercial Grade Solutions Now Available For U.S.A. Home Residents During COVID-19

Personal Training - maintain brain and body Fitness at home

The perfect solution for brain and body fitness at home. SMARTfit appeals to all ages and abilities and is space effective in homes of any size.

Cardiovascular, strength, aerobic, anaerobic, functional, core strength, balance, flexibility & range of motion

  • Improves motor and eye/hand coordination
  • Boosts memory function and attention span
  • Increases mental and physical reaction time
  • Improves immediate decision-making skills
  • Improves perceptual motor skills including visual and auditory processing and sequencing.

Accelerate Results with programs developed by Gunnar Peterson

SMARTfit’s turnkey brain health programming engages the whole family in programming developed by celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson.

SMARTfit’s powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating. Exercise is fun for everyone regardless of age or ability.

  • Ease of Use
  • Track results
  • Fast Set Up on SMARTfits’s iOS/Android user interface
  • Instructor supervised or self-monitored training programs
  • Gain greater levels of brain health and functional efficiency in record time.

A Single Session Using SMARTfit can Address Multiple Domains of The Brain

  • Memory – Memory pairs, pairing and sequence activities.
  • Attention – Seeking and tracking activities, and cognitive motor dual-tasks
  • Processing speed – Chase the Color, Knock the Lights Out, and tracking activities
  • Executive Functioning – Equations activities, track left/right/both, impulse control training
  • Language – Spelling attention letters (track, seek), memory letters (pair, sequence)

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