Commercial Grade Solutions Now Available For U.S.A. Home Residents During COVID-19

develop and maintain the athletic and academic edge at home


SMARTfit engages youth of all ages and abilities in action-based learning, sports skills training and exercise using captivating, interactive technology that sparks participation. SMARTfit’s powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating while providing objective evidence of progress.

  • Ease of Use
  • Fast Set Up
  • User Interface that drives the Model – iOS/Android interface
  • Gain greater levels of cognitive, motor and physical efficiency in record time.

develop and maintain the academic and athletic edge at home

SMARTfit multi-target systems deliver a full array of educational curriculum through games designed for kids to combine physical, motor or cognitive tasks to refine their physical and mental fitness.

By having to solve problems or complete tasks involving academic content, kids are inspired to perform quickly and skillfully for score under the clock. 

SMARTfit’s customizable and scalable programming aligns with natural play and provides a safe environment for kids to develop and maintain their athletic and academic edge while at home.

Speed, Skill and Reaction Development for Youth Sports

SMARTfit’s gamified programming excels in preparing athletes for real competition. The same physical and mental challenges that help professional athletes achieve elevated levels of cognitive-motor expertise can be applied to help young athletes develop their talent and skills in new ways.

SMARTfit meets and matches any athletes own level of play and challenges them to improve. Training with SMARTfit improves sports skills such as speed, reaction times, ball control, accuracy, core balance, visual-motor coordination and peripheral visual awareness.

By improving these skills, young athletes make faster, smarter decisions under pressure.

A Single Session Using SMARTfit can Address Multiple Domains of The Brain

  • Memory – Memory pairs, pairing and sequence activities.
  • Attention – Seeking and tracking activities, and cognitive motor dual-tasks
  • Processing speed – Chase the Color, Knock the Lights Out, and tracking activities
  • Executive Functioning – Equations activities, track left/right/both, impulse control training
  • Language – Spelling attention letters (track, seek), memory letters (pair, sequence)

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