SMARTfit Comes to The Rescue of Young Athletes Needing to Keep Their Competitive Skills in Shape

Blog post 5-4-2020

Check out how our young basketball star hones in on his skills using the SMARTfit Mini.

SMARTfit offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring athletes who are desperate to find way to keep their essentials skills honed while stuck at home and out of touch with their coaches and team.

Regardless of the sport, talent requires constant honing of physical and mental skills with tons of practice. The ability to excel in any sport also requires the mental and physical endurance needed to outlast any opponent.  This takes training under the most challenging conditions and lots of it.  Skill building requires lots of repetition and practice and it needs to be done frequently.  Worse still, downtime of any kind can take ages to recover from.

It is often said, if you want to be good at your sport, play with someone better than you.  That works until you are the best or until there is nobody to train with.  This is where SMARTfit comes to the rescue as your computerized coach, designed to always match and challenge your skills and endurance regardless of your ability.

The SMARTfit team is making this opportunity available with special pricing for families to equip their basements or garages with the essential tool guaranteed to ensure their athletes can continue to build their essential skills through this time and come out even better than ever.

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