SMARTfit Interactive Cognitive Home Gym

Gamified Fitness and Sports Training for The Whole Family

Stay connected, Compete On-line, Have Fun!

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, a kid who can’t sit still while learning, a parent needing a fun workout, a grandparent stuck at home and desperate to maintain your ability to live independently, then SMARTfit is for you.

Stay Mentally and Physically Fit with SMARTfit


Our gamified training is fun, social, highly effective and delivers complete brain and body workouts tailored for every member of the family regardless of age or ability.


It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly develops your physical and mental skills. 


Improve brain health, physical fitness and sports skills without leaving home. Stay safe during Covid-19 while you keep your brain sharp and body in peak condition.



Over 2,000 training activities that will keep you improving for the next sports competition. Enjoy your physical and mental competence.

Interactive Brain and Body Fitness Gym in Your Home

Convert your garage, basement, backyard or driveway into an interactive, sports, brain and body training arena. Track your progress, compete with yourself or members of your family, or just have exhilarating fun. Turnkey programming at the tap of your finger:

Keep your brain healthy while you play and have fun.

Athletes, meet your match regardless of how good you are:

  • Reaction skills
  • Footwork
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Ball control/accuracy
  • Speed
  • Return-to-play sports

Kids play and learn at the same time

  • Step counting
  • Equations
  • Spelling

Parents and Grandparents

  • Stay young by maintaining cognitive and physical independence.
  • Slow the onset of Parkinson’s/dementia
  • Recover from Stroke


Sports and fitness programs by celebrity trainer and Los Angeles Lakers strength and conditioning coach, Gunnar Peterson.

Brain health programming for active agers by Ryan Glatt of Pacific Neuroscience Institute and Functional Aging Institute.

SMARTfit Strike Pod Portable Kit

Was $3,995 Now $2,995.00!

Shipping not included

* Optional Pod stands highly recommended


  • SMARTfit home license for sports, fitness, brain health and education applications:
    • 10 folders of gamified categories with variable difficulties and challenges including: track, seek (multiple choice), metronome, Go-no-Go, Memory, Spelling, Equations and more
    • Turnkey programming for older adults
    • Turnkey speed and reaction training  for sports
    • Active learning for kids always on the move
    • Customize your plan, track result, compete with you spouse or kids
    • Design your own programs
    • Track your results and compete with others
  • (1) CPU (each CPU can support up to 15 Strike Pods)
  • (3) Strike Pods (optional colors)
  • (3) Power banks (+1 for CPU)
  • (1) Additional power bank
  • Power bank charging cradle
  • Rolling Duffel (retracting telescoping handle and blade wheels)
  • (3) Mounting brackets (+1 for CPU)
  • (3) Wall install kits (+1 for CPU)
  • (3) Rack straps (+1 for CPU)
  • (3) Foam strike noodles

Also includes operations manual, access to online program library, video channel and manuals.

18-month warrnty (extended warranty available) and SMARTfit’s exclusive Platinum Service Plan.


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